Son Chiraiya bird sanctuary, Shivpuri

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The Son Chiraiya Bird Sanctuary in Karera, 20 kilometers outside of Shivpuri is a mythical land indeed with some of the rarest species of birds very close to extinction. There is something about a bird sanctuary that transports the visitor into a mythical fairy tale land where birds abound.

With the natural habitat of birds, especially birds like the son chiraiya and the great Indian Bustard disappearing with the ever expanding human civilization, there are very few places where these birds can be seen. The efforts to conserve the natural habitat of the birds have been fortified by the Government.

The sanctuaries ensure that the species don’t die out, maintaining an ecosystem that is hard to imagine from the concrete jungle. The Son Chiraiya is an extremely rare bird, found almost exclusively in the bird sanctuary. Given the proximity to Shivpuri, wildlife enthusiasts can spend days amidst nature, worlds away from the concrete jungle.


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