Shivpuri District Museum, Shivpuri

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The Shivpuri District Museum is one of the efforts to preserve the history and the relics that man has left behind. The historical significance of Shivpuri may be understood from the many monuments, temples and ruins from earlier centuries around the district and the abundance of exhibits in the district museum.

Shivpuri finds mention in the Hindu scriptures and has since then been a significant town either for religious or historical reasons. The Tatya Tope memorial, the temples from the 6th and 7th century all stand testimony to the significance of the town to the historic cultural fabric of India. The Shivpuri district museum is largely an archeological museum with exhibits dating hundreds, if not thousands of years.

A library where readers can enjoy a selection of readings devoted to historical finds in the area amidst other books adds to the educational aspect of the museum. The large collection of paintings, sculptures and coins from the Maratha and the Rajput era gives the visitor a rare glimpse into the recreational lives of people from the pages of history.


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