Sakhya Sagar Lake, Shivpuri

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The Sakhya Sagar Lake and the Madhav Sagar Lakes were created from the Manier River in 1918. The lakes are located near the Madhav National Park. The lakes sustain the bio-diversity of the surrounding forest in the Madhav National Park. They are an important part of the eco-system that has wild animals including birds and reptiles living harmoniously.

The Sakhya Sagar Lake has a boat club called the Sailing club. The boats give tourists an opportunity to kick back and relax on the tranquil waters of the lake. For photo and wildlife enthusiasts, the lake is everything and more. Sunsets from a boat on the lake are particularly spectacular with lush forests and a tranquil lake breaking the view.

Early mornings give visitors the opportunity to get up close and personal with the monitor lizard, the python and the marsh crocodile, residents of the Sakhya Sagar Lake.


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