Mohini Pik Up Weir, Shivpuri

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Mohini Pickup Weir is an addition to Shivpuri that gives visitors a chance to see the area through a whole new lens. Picnic areas and temples from eras long forgotten dot the landscape of Shivpuri. Of all the picnic areas in Shivpuri, Mohini Pickup Weir is the most developed with a glass house.

Located 50 kilometers outside of Shivpuri, Tourists to Shivpuri most often take the most scenic route through Mohini Pickup Weir. The area is en route to Narwar from Shivpuri. The Mohini Pickup Weir Reservoir is a beautiful dam that provides for the irrigation needs of the surrounding area and provides water supply to the surrounding towns.

The Mohini Pickup Weir has manicured lawns and a glass house that offers panoramic views of the surrounding area including the Mohini reservoir. Monsoons are the best time to visit Mohini Pickup Weiras the reservoir fills up.


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