Karera Bird Sanctuary, Shivpuri

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Karera Bird Sanctuary is the Holy Grail for avid bird watchers and avian photo enthusiasts. As a protected park, the wildlife within the park has been largely untouched allowing them to flourish. A visit to the sanctuary is not only an opportunity to witness birds but also numerous wild animals in their natural habitat.

The sanctuary is home to many endangered species of birds and also to migratory birds. The Indian Bustard is a celebrity resident of the bird sanctuary. A rapidly endangered species, the Karera bird sanctuary is one of the few places where the bird lives in its natural habitat.

With over 245 recorded species of birds living in the sanctuary, it is no surprise that bird watchers come in from across the world to witness the unique avian world. The best time to visit the sanctuary when the avian tourists are in residence is between November and March.


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