Jungle Safari, Shivpuri

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The Jungle Safari in Shivpuri provides an opportunity to encounter nature at its best. Shivpuri is one of the few places that have more preserved natural forests than protected concrete jungle area. The national parks in Shivpuri are truly protected in that they are dense, often nearly impenetrable forests with flora and fauna that make for a large bio-diversity.

For city-weary travelers and tourists, the jungle is as refreshing as an oasis in a desert. The Jungle Safari provides a glimpse into nature that is relatively unpolluted by the selfish ways of mankind. Tourists can explore the wildlife of the area as they go about their life from the safe distance afforded by a covered vehicle.

The ability to see the natural habitats of animals and birds and the serenity of a jungle, of nature that is at peace are the perks of a jungle safari. Seeing wild animals such as deer, herds of Nilagai, Chital and even the occasional sloth bear makes the jungle safari all the more exciting.


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