Butterfly Museum, Shillong

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The Butterfly Museum is the only known museum in India that is dedicated to moths and butterflies. The museum that is privately-owned has a huge collection of butterflies and moths. The Butterfly Museum is situated at Riatsamthiah about 2 kilometres from Police Bazaar, the main shopping destination of Shillong. The Butterfly Museum has a collection of the some of the rarest species of butterflies and moths.

It is quite a sight to see the colourful butterflies on display in the specially designed Butterfly Museum. The museum is also known for initiating a butterfly breeding program. What started as a mere commercial program has today become a full-fledged butterfly and moth anthology centre. Apart from preserving many rare species of butterflies and moths, the museum is also known for providing a rare insight into the life cycle of these fragile species. Tourists can take a local taxi to the Butterfly Museum. 

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