Gurdwara Nanakiana Sahib, Sangrur

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Gurdwara Nanakiana Sahib, situated 4 km east of Sangrur, near the village of Mangwal, was constructed by Raja Raghbir Singh of Jind in 1886. It was built to commemorate Shri Guru Nanak Ji and Shri Guru Hargobind Ji, who came to the village and offered moral teaching to the residents.

There is a pond near the Gurdwara where Guru Ji used to bathe and give spiritual lessons to local priests and villagers. One dip in the pond, which now has boundaries and is converted into a Sarovar, is considered sacred by locals. The Gurdwara houses a Diwan Hall and a Karir tree, which is believed to be very old. There is a weapon - Gurzitabar with 1724 Persian numeric inscribed over it.

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