Nijomaghat, Roing

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Nijomaghat is a splendid picnic spot located 15km from the main township of Roing. This historical spot is also known as Nizamghat. It was established by the Britishers in the nineteenth century and the name was given after J.F.Needham, British Political officer. Nijomaghat served as an entrance to the hills for the Britishers.

Other than its historical significance Nijomaghat is also famous for its picturesque beauty. Stretches of green vegetation refresh the surrounding. Gigantic mountains and rocky landscape forms the surrounding of this place.

The river flowing through this place makes it more demanding for picnic. Roing is connected to Dambuk by a ferry, which can also be enjoyed by the tourists. Amazing figures are formed on the hard Himalayan rock due to strong gush of the river. Entire mountain range which is visible from Nijomaghat is a treat to the eyes.

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