Shergarh, Rohtas

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Shergarh Fort is located in Chenari region which is 10 km away from Sasaram. The fort is said to have been built by Sher Shah Suri when he conquered Rohtas, He dedicated this to his Hindu beloved. Shergarh has many temples, grave and Emambara besides having fort.

The fortification had taken place just to ensure security. Hasan Khan Su , father of Sher Shah Sur protected his jagir by the fortifications. The citadel , earlier known as Nawabgadh is now known as Shergarh fort and is situated in the proximity of Sher Shah’s tomb in Sasaram.

This tourist destination is popular because this was the home to Hasan Khan Sur. Sher Shah Sur spent his childhood time here. The marvelous castle possesses three storeys, a lot of rooms and a wide beautiful gate.The existence of these Mughal rulers make this place historical.


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