Ranakpur Jain Temple, Ranakpur

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Ranakpur Jain Temple is counted among the five important pilgrimage sites of the Jains. Located on the western side of the Aravalli Range, the temple is dedicated to Lord Adinathji. It being made up of light coloured marble looks very beautiful. According to legends, a Jain businessman named Seth Dharna Sah and Mewar Ruler Rana Khumba constructed this temple. The main temple complex of Chamukha comprises other Jain Temples as well.

The basement area of the temple covers 48,000 sq. feet. The architectural excellence of the artisans of that era is depicted in its 80 domes, 29 halls and 1,444 pillars. The highlighting feature of the pillars is that each of them are unique. The carvings on the pillars differentiates one from the other. The temples of Parasvanath and Neminath face the main temple. Visitors can see the beautiful carvings on these temples which would remind them of the sculptures of Khajuraho.


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