Pir Panchal, Rajouri

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Pir Panchal is a lake repository that lies under the authority of the Rajouri-Poonch districts. The site lies at an elevation of 13000 – 14000 ft above sea level. Upon reaching the site, travellers will discover 27 lakes that are sprawled over an area of 900 sq km. Out of the 27 lakes, 7 are large while the rest of them are comparatively smaller.

The bigger lakes of this region are situated in proximity to the Jammu division. Bhag Sar, Akal Dakshni, Chamar Sar, Sukh Sar, Padyaran Sar I and II, Samot Sar, Nandan Sar are some of the popular lakes in this region. While exploring Pir Panchal, tourists can see the Noori Chanb Waterfall that is located in proximity to the site. A wreath of seven lakes and meadows, namely Gum Sar, Katori Sar, Neel Sar, Kal Dachhni, Sukh Sar and Nandan Sar can be viewed by tourists while returning from Pir Panchal.

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