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Mangla Mata Temple, Rajouri

Mangla Mata Temple is located at a distance of 4 km from the Jhangar village, on the Nowshera-Jhangar Road in Rajouri District. This pilgrimage site was built in the year 1945. According to popular folklore, Goddess Mangla had suggested this shrine to different priests in their dreams.

Devotees in large number visit Mangla Mata Temple on Tuesday, considered to be the auspicious day for this pilgrimage site. Of all the Tuesdays, the ‘Chandi Paksh’ Tuesday that falls near the day of the full moon is considered to be the most important. In addition, the temple attracts innumerable devotees during the Hindu festival of Navaratri.

Upon reaching the Mangla Mata Temple, tourists would get the chance to see many ‘Sthan Guns’ that have been referred in the Vedas around the site. The prime attractions of this pilgrimage site are the ‘Ramayan Patha’ and ‘Havan Kund’. A cave can be discovered at this site that has ‘pindies’, heads formed as a result of natural rock form of Goddess Mangla.

Mangla Mata Temple Photos