Dera Baba Beeram Shah, Rajouri

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Dera Baba Beeram Shah is a renowned religious site in the Jhangar Village of Rajouri Town. As the name suggests, this shrine is devoted to Baba Beeram Shah Ji Dutt, popular among masses as the disciple of Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji the 6th Sikh Guru.The establishment of the Dera Baba Bheeram Shah is connected with a legend from the 17th century. According to the popular folklore, in order to promote Sikhism in Jammu, Hargobind Sahib Ji decided to send saints from Punjab to the concerned state. Baba Bheeram Shah Ji Dutt was one of those saints who later set up his Dera in Jhangar village, now a popular religious shrine of the destination. The site becomes thronged by thousands of devotees during a special function that takes place on the Sunday before Baisakhi, the harvest festival in Punjab.

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