Fort Pokaran, Pokhran

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Fort Pokaran, popularly known as Balagarh, is an ancient fortress built in the 14th century. The monument stands in the middle of the Thar Desert. It is historically situated on an old trade route through which spices, salt, and silk were exported to Persia and other countries. It is the premier fort belonging to the Chief of the Champawats of the Rathore clan. The glorious past and the history of the fort attract a number of tourists from different parts of India and abroad.

Travellers can see the beautiful red sandstone palaces, the conventional Jharokhas, and grand towers here. At present, Thakur Nagendra Singh Pokaran along with his spouse Thakurani Yashwant Kumari Pokaran have happily opened the gates of the fort for visitors. The fort is a splendid example of the Mughal and the Rajput style of architecture.

There is a museum in the fort displaying the royal collection of weapons, clothes, paintings, and handicrafts. In addition, there is the Grand Library with a rich collection of classic books about the great Rao Bhadur Rajshree Thakur Chain Singhji Pokaran.



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