Nakuleshwar Temple, Pithoragarh

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Nakuleshwar Temple is a noted religious site, which is located at a distance of 4 km from the Pithoragarh Town and 2 km from the Shiling Village. The term ‘Nakuleshwar’ is a combination of two words – ‘nakul’ and ‘eshwar’. The nakul statue of Mahishasur Mardini refers to the mighty Himalaya and eshwar is the hindi word for god. Therefore, it collectively refers to the God of the Himalaya (Lord Shiva).

This temple was built in the Khajuraho architectural style and enshrines 38 stone images of different Hindu gods and goddesses, including Shiva-Parvati, Uma-Vasudev, Nauvarga, Surya, Mahishasur Mardini, Vaman, Kurma, and Narsingh. According to a legend, this temple was constructed by two Pandavas, namely Nakula and Sahadev (the mythological characters of the Hindu epic, the Mahabharata).

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