Reis Magos Fort, Panaji

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Having been built in 1551 and the fact that it’s partially in ruins doesn’t take away at all, from the grandeur and spectacular tourist value Reis Magos fort has to offer. Located on the banks of the River Mandovi, to the North, and built by Sultan Adil Shah, this fort for many years served as a formidable forward check post for Portuguese rulers ensuring territorial security from neighboring states.

The Historical Significance

Reis Magos Fort was annexed by the Portuguese in 1760 and its various guard towers offered formidable views of enemy approached back then. Today, they offer spectacular views of the River Mandovi and look into the city of Panjim and its various anchored yachts and cruise ships. The fort is made completely of laterite stones, giving it that ethnic reddish bricked look versus the more traditional grey rock look.

During the Portuguese era, Reis Magos Fort has been used time and again to suppress and foil Maratha advances on the state of Goa. Subsequent to the fall of Portuguese rule, the fort was also used as a prison, before being abandoned.


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