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  • 02Lakhotia Garden

    Lakhotia Garden

    Lakhotia Garden is one of the famous tourist spots located in the heart of the Pali City. This beautiful garden is surrounded by a pond known as Lakhotia and a city tank. Tourists can see a beautiful Shiva temple located in the middle of the garden.

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  • 03Somnath Temple

    Somnath Temple

    Somnath Temple is located in the main market of Pali. This shrine is famous for its shilp art and its rich history. Tourists can see intricate carvings on the Shikar and pinnacle of the temple. This shrine was built by the King of Gujrat, Kumarpal Solanki in the year 1209.

    There is a Shivling inside the shrine along with the idols of Parvati, Ganesha and Nandi. Raj Kumar Pal Solanki brought this Shiva Linga from the Saurashtra region in Gujarat. According to history, Mughal King, Mahmud of Ghazni attacked this temple many times. Tourists can also see another small shrine in the complex of the Somnath Temple.

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  • 04Bangur Museum

    Bangur Museum is one of the popular tourist attractions located close to the old bus stand of the Pali City. This museum exhibits a rare collection of historical and artistic items such as costumes, coins and arms. This museum is named after Mr. Bangur Juar, a revered personality in the region.

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  • 05Hatundi Rata Mahabir Temple

    Hatundi Rata Mahabir Temple

    Hatundi Rata Mahabir Temple is dedicated to the last and 24th Jain Tirthankara, Mahavira. The temple is famous for its pink and white painted structure which resembles the pyramids of Egypt. There are staircases located on each end of the temple. This staircase goes up to the main dome which has three balconies.

    Recently, six cupolas were added to the structure of the temple. These have been constructed in the shape of sharp turrets pointing towards the sky. Tourists can see the sculpture of Mahavira in the inner sanctum of the temple.

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  • 06Adishwar Temple

    Adishwar Temple

    Adishwar Temple, also known as the Chaumukha Temple, was constructed during the 15th century. This shrine is quite popular for its architectural style which resembles a Nalinigulm Vimana, a heavenly aircraft.

    It is one of the largest Jain temples which took 65 years to be completed. This temple holds great importance among the Jain people as it is one of the five most important Jain Shrines in the country.

    The building of the temple has three storeys, 80 domes and 29 halls. Tourists can see pavilions supported by 1444 pillars at the base of the temple. The innermost part of the temple is adorned with a four-faced image of Lord Adinath or Rishabhdev.

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  • 07Surya Narayana Temple

    Surya Narayana Temple

    The Surya Narayana Temple was constructed in the 15th century. The temple has a unique architectural design which attracts a large numbers of tourists. Visitors can see numerous friezes of Lord Surya inside the temple. One of the friezes depicts the deity riding his chariot, drawn by seven horses.  

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  • 08Nimbo Ka Nath

    Nimbo Ka Nath

    Nimbo Ka Nath is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Pali. This place is located between the Falna and Sanderav route. According to Hindu mythology, the Pandavas, the kings and warriors in the epic the ‘Mahabharata’, stayed at this place when they were in exile. Kunti, mother of the Pandavas, worshipped the Hindu deity Shiva here. Tourists can reach this place by bus upto Falna, and from there they can hire local taxis and jeeps to reach Nimbo Ka Nath.

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  • 09Sojat


    Sojat is a city located on the bank of the river Sukri, in the district of Pali. This city was known as Tamravati in ancient times. This place is famous for a fort and shrines such as Sejal Mata Temple, Chaturbhuj Temple and Chamunda Mata Temple.

    Henna plantation, a herbal plant used for temporary body tattooing, is one of the most popular attractions of the city. The leaves of this plant are mashed into a thin paste and the paste is applied on the hands and feet by Indian women in various designs.

    Generally, Indian women apply this paste known as mehandi on various auspicious occasions including marriage and festivals. This conventional art form is now famous worldwide and has been adopted in the international fashion world as well. Hence many foreign tourists on their way to Mount Abu pay a visit to this place.

    Tourists can also see the Dargah of Pir Mastan, Temple of Ramdeoji, Desuri and Kurki Fort in Sojat. This city is the birthplace of Mirabai, a poetess who dedicated her whole life for the worship of the Hindu deity Krishna.

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