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Chauragarh Peak, Pachmarhi

The Chauragarh Peak is situated at an altitude of 1326 m. It is one of the highest points in Pachmarhi. It gives a wonderful view of the dense Pachmarhi reserve forest, streams, waterfalls and the valley below. There is a famous Lord Shiva temple on the Chauragarh Peak making it an important pilgrim centre at Pachmarhi.

On the day of Mahashiva Ratri Festival, hundreds of devotees used to climb the peak and reach here for worship. Devotees used to bring a small Trisul as a token of respect for Lord Shiva. One has to climb 1250 steps to reach this temple.

After the visit one can rest at the Dharmasala or resting place situated near the temple. Apart from worshippers tourists who love adventure and nature come up to the peak to enjoy the beautiful landscape around.