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Apsara Vihar, Pachmarhi

Apsara Vihar is a small waterfall with a shallow pool below it. It is also known as the Fairy Pool. It is an ideal place for safe swimming, diving and natural open bath. The pool is not so deep. Hence, families with children find this a nice place for fun. This pool is located near the Pandava Caves.

The story behind the name of the pool is interesting. During the British regime the wives of British officers used to come here to take bath. Local people used to peep through the bushes to see them. Seeing the fair skinned ladies they thought that they were celestial women or Apsaras who had descended from heaven to take a bath.

Hence they called it Apsara Vihar or Fairy Pool. For anybody who visits Pachmarhi, taking a bath in Apsara Vihar will be a delightful experience.