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Shopping in Ooty is great fun, although some people will be disappointed if they are looking for local handicrafts, since the place has no special handicrafts that are centralized to the area.

Passionate shoppers can shop for a variety of things from Ooty. The amazing variety of tea and coffee that the place offers is unmatched. You have a whole range of specialties to choose from. And it would be a crime not to buy tea leaves or coffee beans from Ooty. The teas are amazingly flavored, and you can pick from honey, eucalyptus, tulsi, strawberry, green apple and many more.

Homemade chocolates are also a specialty of the region. There are many shops that sell dark and white chocolates, bitter chocolates, dry fruit chocolates, flavored chocolates and chocolates prepared from marshmallows. 

Antique jewelry prepared in the Todas style is very popular among the ladies. These intricately designed jewellery pieces are available in almost all the major shopping centers of the town.

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