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Glenmorgan, Ooty

Glenmorgan is located about 35 km from the town of Ooty and this scenic village is very popular among the tourists. The specialty of the village lies in the tea estates that sprawl the hills near the village.

A popular attraction of the Glenmorgan Village is a ropeway that goes from the power house (located in Singara) up to the village. The ropeway is about 3 km long and is built at a height of 980 ft. It is at an incline of 41 degrees close to the area called the German Point.

The ascent and descent via the ropeway becomes difficult near the German Point because of the incline. It is regularly used by those working in the power house. The village is very popular among the locals as well as the tourists for being a picnic spot. It is for the wonderful view that it offers of the tea estates.