Lotus Temple, Noida

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Built by the Bahai community in India in 1986, the lotus shaped architectural marvel called Lotus Temple is regarded as the 20th century Taj Mahal of modern India. It is the finest and the most magnificent buildings in Delhi and is rightly called its iconic symbol. The temple has won a host of international awards from countries including USA and UK for its architectural design.

Built like a half-open lotus flower, the temple is a haven of peace and spirituality. The bright white marble shrine is surrounded by artistically landscaped lawns, gardens and pathways with beautifully designed balustrades. It has nine pools with stairs and bridges.

The temple comprises a main hall for worship which stands over a basement. It is flanked by a reception centre, a library, and administrative section. A significant feature of the temple is the hourly audio-visual presentation that provides important preliminary information to the visitors.

The lotus is covered with a roof made of glass and steel to protect it from the rain and vagaries of weather. The glass cover also allows the natural light to enter the main hall.

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