Aruvacode, Nilambur

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 Aruvacode, a small village situated in close proximity to Nilambur, is best known as a hub of art and craftworks. Famed for its fine pottery carried out by a traditional community named Kumbharan, this hamlet attracts hundreds of visitors and tourists. This pottery village was made popular by artist K.B Jinan who initiated the groundbreaking Kumbham Handicraft Project.

About hundred families of this village are engaged in the art of making traditional clay pots, garden furniture, architectural accessories and utensils. Today this village is known as Aruvacode Pottery Village.

The story of Aruvacode Pottery Village is truly inspiring for those who are interested in small scale industries. Though traditionally inhabited by skilled potters, the economy of this region had collapsed due to the advent of globalization. Subsequently clay pots and utensils lost their popularity with the introduction of cheaper substitutes. But the potters of the village under the leadership of K.B Jinan revived this art form and made a successful return. Today the Kumbham Handicraft Project has more than 500 unique designs to its credit.

Aruvacode is an ideal place to roam around and travelers can buy Kumbham products from the shops located here.


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