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Nilambur, India 27 ℃ Mist
Wind: 4 from the SE Humidity: 89% Pressure: 1009 mb Cloud Cover: 75%
5 Days weather forecast
Day Outlook Min Max
Wednesday 18 Oct 23 ℃ 73 ℉ 32 ℃89 ℉
Thursday 19 Oct 23 ℃ 73 ℉ 33 ℃91 ℉
Friday 20 Oct 23 ℃ 73 ℉ 32 ℃90 ℉
Saturday 21 Oct 23 ℃ 74 ℉ 32 ℃90 ℉
Sunday 22 Oct 22 ℃ 71 ℉ 32 ℃89 ℉

Extreme rains and intense heat characterize the monsoons and summers of Nilambur. Both these seasons are not fit for visiting plantations and waterfalls. Winter is the recommended time to pay a visit to Nilambur. Another great time is soon after the monsoons when the landscape is blessed with newly sprouted greenery.


The summers in Nilambur are intense and are characterized by hot climate. Summer heat hits Nilambur from the month of March. The town goes through heavy summer till the end of May. The temperatures during this period range from 22°C to 35°C. Summer is not a recommended season to visit this town of teaks.


The proximity of the Western Ghats influence the monsoons in Nilambur to a great extend. The town received extensive rainfall during monsoons. Rains start in the month of June and are extended till September. North East Monsoon causes rainfall even during October and November. Heavy rains can act as a hindrance to sightseeing and hence monsoons are not the ideal time to pay a visit.


Winter is the most pleasant and welcoming climatic condition in Nilambur. The climate during winter is mild and chill. Temperatures go as high as 32°C during the day and nights experience sudden temperature drops as low as 16°C. Winter commencs from December and prolongers till February. Those who visit this place during winter should equip themselves with adequate winter clothing.