Kakolat Waterfall, Nawada

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Kakolat waterfall is one of the most ravishing waterfalls in India to be seen. The place has got lush green surroundings making it popular among tourists. It comes from Kakolat hills from the height of 160 feet. The waterfall finds a description in mythology according to which there was a king who had turned into python because of a sage’s curse and he lived within the falls. The amazing fact of this waterfall is that the water remains cool for the entire year and so you can enjoy your summers truly.

There is also a myth as per which the Pandavas have visited the fall. Kakolat waterfall also boasts of a natural basin at the bottom. For the dwellers as well as for the tourists, this spot is the best for picnic. It is also known for acting as a host for a big fair on the occasion of Chhat or Baisakhi Sakranti.

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