Gunawa, Nawada

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There is a small village situated in the northern side of Bihar in Nawada district named Gunawa. The place has enormous religious significance for the Jain community as Gunawa has a Jain temple belonging to Shree Digambar Jain  Siddha Kshreta Gunawaji.It is situated in the centre of a lake. This temple has got forty temples in the premises.This temple is visited by a lot of tourists for sure and holds great religious beliefs associated with it.

The temple is one of the best Jain temples that we have in India. This pious place is where Ganadhara Indrabhuti Gautam attained Kevala Jnana (in Jainism it refers to the concept of attaining supreme knowledge and the road to true spitituality and obtaining omniscience). This temple is located in the proximity of Guniyaji Shri Gautam Swami Mandir which is again a place of worship revered by the people out here.

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