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Naldehra Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Naldehra

  • 01Tattapani


    Tattapani, situated 58 km away from Naldehra, is one of the major tourist attractions of the region. Nestled at an altitude of 655 m above sea level, the place is known for its sulphurous hot water springs.

    It is believed that taking a dip in the waters of this spring heals illness such as fatigue, joint pain and skin diseases. Located on the banks of the Sutlej river, the spring covers an area of around 1 sq km.

    Once here, tourists can also take up river rafting along the Sutlej river. People in large numbers visit this place every year during the months of January and April. A unique feature of this spring is that it disappears every year, sometime during the months of June or July, and reappears in November or December.

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  • 02Naldehra Golf Course

    Naldehra Golf Course, one of the oldest golf clubs in the world, was established in 1920 by the Viceroy of India, Lord Curzon. He was spellbound with the beauty of Naldehra and often came and camped at the spot where the golf course is for days on end.

    It is currently managed by the Himachal Tourism Department. With an 18-hole golf course, this club is considered the best and most popular of all the golf clubs present on Indian Hills. It is affiliated to several golf clubs in India such as the ARTRAC Golf Club Shimla, the BSF Golf Club Delhi, the Golf Club Chandigarh and the Air force Golf Club Delhi. The course depending on the weather is open from April to November.

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  • 03Shaily Peak

    Shaily Peak

    Shaily Peak is situated 23 km away from Naldehra near the Mahakali Lake. Few visitors and trekking enthusiasts trek in order to reach this steep peak, which is surrounded by thick forests. Apart from trekking, people can also reach the hilltop on ponies. An alternate way to reach the peak is via a motorable track present there.

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  • 04Chabba


    Chabba, located at a distance of around 18 km from Naldehra, is a small picturesque village. An 11 km river rafting course on the river Sutlej begins from this point and ends at Tattapani. The place is provided with facilities for car parking.

    Trained rafting guides are also present at the spot. The ideal time to take up rafting here is between the months of May and June and September and October.

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  • 05Mahunag Temple

    Mahunag Temple

    Mahunag Temple, situated in the middle of the Naldehra Golf Course, rests at an altitude of 1830 m above sea level. This temple is devoted to Karna, also known as Mahunag, the son of the Sun God, Surya.

    According to local belief, the presiding deity of the temple helps people solve legal matters and family disputes. The temple displays Pahari style of architecture; Pahari is a term used as a broad generalisation of groups of people living in the Himalayan foothills towards the north of India.

    If historical records are to be believed, this temple was constructed in 1664 by the King Shyam Sen. He was an ardent believer of Karna. A large number of devotees visit this temple every week on Sundays.

    A fair organised annually, during the Hindu festival of Makar Sankranti, also attracts large numbers of people. The valley of Karsog and the Himalayas can be seen clearly from this temple.

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  • 06Kogi Mata Temple

    Kogi Mata Temple

    Kogi Mata Temple, devoted to the Hindu Goddess Kogi Mata, is located in the Kogi Village near Naldehra. The houses here are built in traditional Himachali style which adds to its unique charm and the beauty of the place.

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  • 07Mahakali Temple

    Mahakali Temple

    Mahakali Temple, situated on the banks of the lake Mahakali, lies between Gudial and Sano near Naldehra. The temple is devoted to Kali, the Hindu goddess of time and change. Tourists visit this temple in large numbers during the related festivals.

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  • 08Horse Riding

    Horse Riding

    Horse riding is one of the most interesting activities that can be taken up at Naldehra. Surrounded by thick forests of deodar and pine trees, sightseeing around Naldehra is best enjoyed on a horse. Horses can be hired for around INR 300 for an hour.

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