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  • 01Pothanmedu


    Pothanmedu is a tiny scenic village located at a distance of 6 km from Munnar. Best known for its View Point, the spot is a must-destination for travellers who visit Munnar. The View Point offers a vista of Munnar, its hill tracts, adjoining valleys and the Madhurapuzha river.

    This panoramic location delights trekkers and nature lovers boundlessly. This village is also famed for its vast expanses of plantations and lush green vegetation. The breeze passing through cardamom hills and tea plantations fills the place with mesmerizing aroma.

    Travellers need to trek through the spice plantations to reach the Pothanmedu View Point, but the trek is truly worthwhile. Visitors with an eye for photography are likely to find this place a real treasure. Zigzag roads and mighty hills give this place an exotic tinge. It is advisable that travellers and picnickers pack their food and water on their visit to this place.

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  • 02Eravikulam National Park

    Eravikulam National Park, which spreads over 97 sq km along the Western Ghats, is situated close to Munnar. Listed as one of the most bio-diverse areas of India, the Park is now under the administration of Department of Forests and Wildlife.

    Best known as the natural habitat of Nilgiri Tahr, the location revels in bio-diversity. This National Park together with the neighbouring Chinnar and Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuaries constitute the largest conservation area in Western Ghats.

    Apart from that, the Park is an important catchment area for rivers. Eravikulam National Park is categorized into three zones: the core area, the buffer area and the tourism area. Travellers are granted entry only into the tourist area known as Rajamala.

    26 species of mammals and 132 species of birds are protected in the National Park. Entry into the park is prohibited during January-February which is the breeding season and visitors are forbidden during monsoons.

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  • 03Attukal

    Attukal is a popular tourist destination best known for its waterfalls. Located at a distance of about 9 km from Munnar this spot is frequented by backpackers and picnickers. The waterfall is situated in between Munnar and Pallivasal, so travellers can cover both Pallivasal and Attukal in one trip.

    This idyllic location is bordered with luxuriant hills that heighten the pristine beauty of the place. Trekkers find this place a fine destination as there are several trekking trails around the waterfalls. The best time to visit Attukal is soon after the monsoon showers since the streams are replenished and the greenery is thick.

    Once can hear the roar of silvery cascades from miles away and the sight leaves the spectator bewitched. Cheeyapara Falls and Valara Falls are two other recommended attractions while a traveller is in Attukal. Cheeyapara Falls is frequently visited by those who fancy a nice splash.

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  • 04Pallivasal Falls

    Pallivasal Falls

    Pallivasal Falls is a small yet popular waterfall in Devikulam and is located at a distance of around 8 km from Munnar town. It is situated close to Sita Devi Lake, yet another attraction in Devikulam. The waterfall offers an excellent spot for picnicking and sightseeing and travellers who want a day away from the buzzing madness of cities will find this place an ideal location.

    Travellers can spend their time in tranquility revamping themselves. Pallivasal is a village in Idukki district and has gathered recognition from all over the country as the venue for the first Hydro Electric Project in Kerala.

    The village is easily accessible from Munnar and is surrounded by other attractions. Travellers can club together their visits to the Sita Devi Lake and Pallivasal Falls and enjoy the pristine beauty of nature to its fullest.

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  • 05Nadukani


    Nadukani, a spectacular location situated on the top of a hill, is at a distance of 70 km from the town of Munnar. Located at an altitude of 3000 ft above sea level, this place offers breathtaking views of winding mountains, gargling rivulets, green stretches of meadows and vast expanses of paddy fields.

    Nadukani is an excellent choice for birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts as it is home to a wide variety of fauna including hornbill, wild rabbits, spotted sambhar and jungle mainah. Surrounded by mountains on one side and Muvattupuzha river on the other, Nadukani is an idyllic location for family picnics and honeymooning.

    Another attraction in Nadukani is the Moolamattam Underground Power Station. Thickly wooded hills and deep forests make this place a perfect site for trekking. Nadukani is on the borders of Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary and hence enjoys the privilege of being home to a great variety of animal and plant life.

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  • 06Rajmala

    Rajamala is situated at a distance of about 15 km from the hill station of Munnar. This location is famed as the natural habitat of the Nilgiri Tahr. According to reports, the Eravikulam-Rajamala region is habitat to half of the world’s Tahr population. This endangered species is the prime reason to visit Rajamala, but the attractions of Rajamala do not end there.

    This location is filled with picturesque beauty and is surrounded with pristine mountain ranges. Long patches of green vegetation, meadows and brooks make Rajamala a hotspot for travellers and trekkers. Located at a height of about 2700 m above sea level, this spot is ideal for family tours, picnics and honeymooning.

    Though travellers visit this place primarily to get a glimpse of Nilgiri Tahr, various other activities such as rock climbing, mountaineering and trekking are enough to interest an adventure freak.

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  • 07Echo Point

    Echo Point, located at a distance of 13 km from Munnar town, is a spot popular among youngsters. Most of the hill stations have echo points and Munnar’s echo point lies on the banks of a picturesque river.

    At this Echo Point visitors can hear loud voice echoing through the reservoir and coming back reverberated. The misty surroundings and velvety slopes of the lake make Echo Point a favourite picnic spot.

    The banks of the lake are perfect for casual strolls and nature walk is a chief activity carried out in the location. The surrounding tea plantations and spice gardens invite trekkers to explore the wonders of nature.

    With its green grasslands and various prospects for outdoor activities, the Echo Point serves as an adventure destination. Photographers find this place a true paradise as they can capture the moments of vibrancy as well as serenity.

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  • 08Anayirankal

    Anayirankal, a tourist place situated at a distance of 22 km from Munnar, is best known for its tea plantations, dam and lake. Anayirankal Lake and Dam attract hundreds of visitors who come here to grab the rare sight of elephant herds quenching their thirst from the lake.

    Long stretches of forest and a vast expanse of tea plantation surround this region. Another chief attraction is the Tata Tea Plantations which allows travellers to take strolls enjoying the aroma of tea leaves.

    Pothanmedu is situated closer to Anayirankal, and it would be smart to cover these two locations in one stretch. The lush green carpet of tea plants, serpentine roads and evergreen forests make this location a perfect getaway spot. There are several resorts with holidaying facilities in this region.

    A day or two at these resorts would prove rejuvenating for those who want to get away from the maddening routines.

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  • 09Meenuli

    Meenuli is a popular travel spot lying within the proximity of Munnar hill station. It is a much sought-after destination for trekking and mountaineering. Nature has manifested itself through wondrous forms in this location. The fame of Meenuli rests on two major attractions within: a huge rock and an evergreen forest.

    In Meenuli an extraordinarily huge rock is spread over more than 500 acres. One can get glimpses of Lower Periyar and Bhoothathankettu from this massive rock but that is not the end to it: on the top of the rock is an evergreen forest in two acres.

    The green stretch of forest on the rock attests to nature’s craftsmanship. Meenuli caters to the adventure spirits of those who love trekking and rock climbing. This place is a not-to-miss destination for those who are into mountaineering. It is advisable that travellers store enough food and water in their backpacks.

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  • 10Trekking



    Adventure tourists, looking to partake in trekking, must visit Munnar. They can opt for trekking during winters here as the weather is clear and offers beautiful views of the surroundings. Likewise, they can also enjoy trekking on a full moon night at this densely forested mountain peak of the Western Ghats. 

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