Meenuli, Munnar

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 Meenuli is a popular travel spot lying within the proximity of Munnar hill station. It is a much sought-after destination for trekking and mountaineering. Nature has manifested itself through wondrous forms in this location. The fame of Meenuli rests on two major attractions within: a huge rock and an evergreen forest.

In Meenuli an extraordinarily huge rock is spread over more than 500 acres. One can get glimpses of Lower Periyar and Bhoothathankettu from this massive rock but that is not the end to it: on the top of the rock is an evergreen forest in two acres. The green stretch of forest on the rock attests to nature’s craftsmanship.

Meenuli caters to the adventure spirits of those who love trekking and rock climbing. This place is a not-to-miss destination for those who are into mountaineering. It is advisable that travelers store enough food and water in their backpacks.


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