Pataleshwar Temple, Moradabad

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Pataleshwar Temple is located in a tiny village called Sadatbadi, approximately 6 kms from Bahjoi on the Moradabad-Agra highway. It is dedicated to God Shiva, a benevolent God who accepts all kinds of offers made in good faith by his devotees ranging from milk to Bhang Dhatura.

The residents of this area have, however, added another item to the list of varied offerings to pay their homage to the benevolent and munificent God. Of numerous offerings of a varied things, it is intriguing that the 'brooms' also is one among them.

They believe that the offer of brooms to God Shiva in Patleshwar Temple can cure them of all kinds of skin diseases. All they need to do is to take a pledge that they will offer broom when they are relieved of the ailment.

The century old temple, therefore, is a huge draw with the sufferers of skin diseases. The number of devotees swells to huge crowds on Mondays that are considered auspicious days for worshipping God Shiva.

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