Mandawar Ka Mahal, Moradabad

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Queen Victoria of England was fond of Urdu language. She called a Munsh (teacher) Mazhar Ali from India to her palace in England to teach her Urdu and Persian languages.

Pleased and gratified with the services of the Munshi, she built a palace for him in Mandawar, called Mandawar ka Mahal in 1850. The palace is located eight kilometers from another interesting shrine. It is called Galkha Devi temple. The shrine is situated on Mandawar Blawali Road close to the village Kundanpur.

It is believed that when Rukmani visited this place for worship, she was whisked away by her lover, Lord Krishna. Tourists and pilgrims visiting Mandawar ka Mahal make it a point not to miss out visiting Galkha Devi temple.

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