Chandausi - Rambagh Dham, Moradabad

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One of the most magnificent shrines in the city, Rambagh Dham is located in a tranquil environment on Rambagh Road near village Kaithal. The temple is dedicated to the Nau Devis or the nine goddesses who descended from Goddess Parvati.

The sanctum sanctorum of the temple houses the idol of Goddess Durga along with eight other goddesses. Other chambers of the temple lodge the idols of other gods and goddesses including Hanuman ji, Jawala ji, and Radha Krishan among others.

Atop the main entry gate of the temple is a visual of Ram Darbar which is believed to guard the temple against evil forces. There is no other security arrangement around the shrine.

The temple becomes a hub of religious activities especially during the Navratre and Nav Durga festivals when it is extensively decorated with colorful lights that give it a festive look. Several religious and cultural programs are held here including dance competitions.

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