Shangnyu Village, Mon

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One of the most important and traditional villages of the Mon district, Shangnyu Village is headed by the chief Angh. The chief’s house is the main attraction of the village which is all adorned with wooden carving and an inspiring wooden entrance. It is believed that the exotic Angh’s resident has been built by heavenly angels. The structure is 8 feet high and 12 feet in breadth. It is also believed by the villagers that the Angh’s resident had been built somewhere during the Metallic Age, which means that the structure is roughly more than 500-600 years old.

The structure has carvings of human forms as well as other creatures. There is also a memorial stone that stands tall in front of the Angh’s palace. History also shows that the Anghs of the Shangnyu village coexisted with the Ahom Kings of neighbouring and present-day Assam. The residents of the villagers are Konyaks.


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