Longwa Village, Mon

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How many places have you visited that lie halfway through an international border? Not many is not it? In such a case, visiting Longwa village will be an experience in itself. Interestingly, one half of the Angh’s (chief’s) house falls in India, and the other half falls in Myanmar. As per the tradition, the village is still under the control of the Angh and the village Council Chairman. The chief Angh has 60 wives.

The villagers of Longwa have dual citizenship as they live in Myanmar and India at the same time. The Longwa village is also inhabited by the Konyaks. Since the Konyaks are known as head hunters, the presence of skulls as home decorations is very evident around the village. It is also one of the biggest villages of the district. You can also stay in the village as the Church authorities run a three-room tourist cottage.


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