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  • 01Gandhi Bagh

    Gandhi Bagh

    Gandhi Bagh is a centrally located park in Meerut. It lies on one of the main roads of the city. It is also referred to as Company Garden and is visited by hoards of locals and tourists daily for the musical fountain show held every evening. It is named after Mahatma Gandhi.

    The vast area is otherwise open for visitors to explore and walk around in. It is a major meeting place and one of the few recreational places that provides peace and tranquillity in an otherwise bustling city.

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  • 02Ecological Park

    Ecological Park

    The Ecological Park in Meerut is a famous park located near the Augarnath temple. It was built for recreation and sustainability purposes by the Indian army posted at Meerut. Several visitors can be seen at the park daily to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere. The park has a variety of trees and plants making it a thriving destination for tree lovers and nature enthusiasts too.

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  • 03Surajkund


    Surajkund is a famous place for Hindus. It was built as early as 1714 by a local businessman. The pond in the middle was initially filled through the Abu Nala, but in succeeding years it was filled with the water of the Ganga canal. It is a famous site for Hindus because of the vast number of ancient Hindu temples found here.

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  • 04Jain Mandir Salawa

    Jain Mandir Salawa

    The Jain Mandir Salawa is an ancient Jain temple built in the old town of Salawa. The town itself was raised during the time of Rishabhdeva, the first Jain Tirthankara. Coincidentally, Salawa is considered to be an important religious and spiritual destination for Jain pilgrims and followers. It is also the birthplace of several important Jain Tirthankaras such as Shantinatha, Kunthunath and Arahanatha.

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  • 05Shahpeer Sahab Ki Dargah

    Shahpeer Sahab Ki Dargah

    The Shahpeer Sahab ki Dargah was built by a famous Mughal Empress Nur Jahan to honour a local Muslim - Hazrat Shahpeer. The Dargah is famous for its unique architecture. It has no rooms but sports a valuable range of stone paintings.

    It is said that the Dargah was built 24 hours before Hazrat Shahpeer’s death. His tomb lies within the Dargah and is protected by the Archaeological Survey of India.

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  • 06Jama Masjid

    Jama Masjid

    The Jama Masjid at Meerut is considered to be the oldest mosque in North India. It was built as early as 1019 by the then Wazir, Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi. Several Muslim worshippers regularly visit the mosque to offer prayers and seek blessings.

    The mosque was partially restored by Mughal Emperor Humayun because of the wear and tear it had endured over the years. Today, it is maintained by the Muslim community.

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  • 07Chandi Devi Temple

    Chandi Devi Temple

    The Chandi Devi Temple is a prominent Hindu temple located close to Surajkund. It is famous for the annual Nauchandi Mela held every year after Holi. The temple is decorated with flowers and lights during the occasion and several stalls selling various wares are put up. The temple was built by Devi Ahilyabai Holkar several years ago and is a famous religious spot for Hindus across India.

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  • 08Bale Miyan Ki Dargah

    Bale Miyan Ki Dargah

    The Bale Miyan ki Dargah is located close to the Chandi Devi Temple. It is an old Dargah which was built in early 1194 by the first ruler of the Delhi Sultanate. The Dargah is regularly visited by throngs of tourists and Muslim worshippers. It is especially crowded during the Urs festival which is held every year during the Nauchandi Mela.

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  • 09Gillispie's Grave

    Gillispie's Grave

    Gillispie’s Grave is located at the St. John’s Church compound and has General Gillispie’s birth and death details inscribed on it. The General was a famous British army officer.

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  • 10Parikshitgarh


    Parikshitgarh is an important town located within the Meerut district. The town is located on a hillock. An ancient fort was built here by Parikshit. Recent excavations have revealed pots of coins, pottery pieces and old decoration items from the old days.

    The town is famous for its mythological history and origins. Although the fort is now dismantled, it still showcases the great past and importance of the place. The ashram of Rishi Shringi which is located nearby is also a great tourist destination.

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  • 11Shahi Eidgah

    Shahi Eidgah

    The Shahi Eid Gah is a 600 year old mosque built by the son of Mughal Emperor Iltutmish. It is a huge mosque that can comfortably accommodate more than one lakh people at a time. The architecture and Mughal carvings reflect the importance and prosperity of the Delhi sultanate period or Mughal rule in India.

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  • 12Appu Ghar

    Appu Ghar

    The Appu Ghar located in central Meerut is a famous amusement park, especially built for children. It is usually crowded during public holidays and summer vacations. Several families plan weekend outings to the park because it is a cost effective way to celebrate important occasions or pass the time.

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  • 13Kali Paltan Mandir

    Kali Paltan Mandir

    The Kali Paltan Mandir is a beautiful Hindu temple which is said to be the place from where the First War of Independence started in 1857. The temple is crowded on auspicious days and especially on every Monday of the week.

    The statues of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are said to be extremely stunning and life like. Several locals throng the temple site on Mondays to break their fasts and offer prayers.

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  • 14Mansa Devi Temple

    Mansa Devi Temple

    The Mansa Devi Temple is an old Hindu temple located close to Surajkund. It is frequented by Hindu worshippers daily and is known for its beautiful statues and carvings.

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  • 15Pine Children Park

    Pine Children Park

    The Pine Children Park is centrally located on the main Mall Road in Meerut. It is famous for its variety of flowers and plants and is frequently visited by children and their families. Children usually gather to play outdoor games while their parents enjoy the peace and quiet atmosphere of the park. The park was developed by the Indian army and is maintained by them too.

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