Sri Vadhanyeshwarar temple, Mayiladuthurai

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Sri Vadhanyeshwar temple located on the northern bank of Cauvery is also commonly known as Vallalar koil. The temple dedicated to Lord Shiva has a legend associated with it. As the legend holds, Lord Shiva was disappointed that Nandi Deva was proud that he was the one who bore Lord Shiva. The Lord then decided to teach Nandi humility by making a single lock of his hair so heavy that Nandi Deva could not bear the weight on his back. The idol in the shrine of Sri Medhaa Dakshinamurthy, is portrayed as a yogi sitting in yoga asana on Nandi deva.

The idol’s right hand is depicted as being in the gnana mudra and his left hand is depicted as holding a book. Apart from the history associated with the temple, the sheer beauty of the locale attracts a lot of tourists. The Rishaba mantap with the idols of Sri Vadhanyeshwar, also known as Vallalar (One who gives abundantly) and the Goddess Gnanambika. The sweeping uninterrupted view of the river Cauvery from the temple revives respect for nature in the onlooker.

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