Bagh Caves, Mandu

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The Bagh Caves situated close to Mandu are a group of nine caves which served as Buddhist monasteries. The beautiful ornamentation on the interior walls of the caves has made the caves a must see destination in Mandu. The caves cannot be accurately dated but have been dated between 400 and 700 AD. The fact that the cave paintings have survived all the ravaged of time and nature alone makes them remarkable.

The use of the word ‘cave’ to describe the monasteries has been inaccurate as they are not natural, but man-made dwellings, cut into natural perpendicular rock face of the Vindhyas. The caves are very similar to the Ajanta caves in their construction.

All the caves have similar layouts with quadrangular rooms and a small chamber usually at the very end which serves as a prayer hall. The caves are worth a visit even if the visit is solely to see paintings that date back thousands of years.


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