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Jahaz Mahal, Mandu


Jahaz Mahal is a beautiful, well-kept, historically significant part of Mandu. The location between two lakes, Kapur Talao and Munj Talao, and the appearance of a ship gave the palace its name, Ship Palace. Built during the Khilji dynasty by Ghiya-ud-din Khilji, the palace served as a harem for the philandering Sultan.

With the numerous fountains and the tranquility of flowing water through the canals, it is easy to see why the Sultan thought the location was perfect for his harem consisting of thousands of women. The architecture, with two stories, numerous pillars, arches and details, such as tiling over the arches, amongst many others make visiting the place worthwhile.

The palace offers photo opportunities for enthusiasts like no other. The panoramic view of the lakes, surrounding landscaped gardens and the greenery beyond is breathtaking. The views make even the most philistine person take a step back and appreciate nature in all her glory.