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Rewa Kund, Mandu


Rewa Kund is another monument dedicated to Baz Bahadur and Roopmati’s legendary love story. Rewa Kund is an artificial lake that Baz Bahadur built in order to ensure water supply to Roopmati’s pavilion. The other claim to fame that the lake has staked is of a religious nature.

Like many other lakes in the area, the lake’s survival to the present day is owed to the pious Hindus who have, through time, protected the lake from oblivion. The area surrounding the lake has seen construction over time. The north-western side of the lake has a pavilion that has been expanded over time, displaying varying styles of pillars and arches, providing a resting area for pilgrims and pleasure seekers alike.

The northern end of the lake has a unique contraption called a water lift that provides water supply to Baz Bahadur’s palace. A visit to the Rewa Kund is usually a part of itineraries that cover the palaces in Mandu.