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Hindola Mahal, Mandu


The Hindola Mahal was one of the many buildings that made up the royal palace at Mandu. Believed to be constructed during Hoshang Shah’s reign, the Mahal was probably used as a durbar or meeting hall where the king addressed his citizens. The Hindola Mahal, literally “the swinging place” in English, is resplendent and a reminder of the magnificence of the kingdoms of yesteryear.

There is a replica of this palace in the Warangal Fort, possibly constructed under the direction of the architect responsible for the Hindola Mahal. A sample of the Malwa style of architecture, the outer walls or the buttresses are sloping walls inclined at an impressive 77 degrees, giving the palace its name.

The Hindola Mahal is an important marker of history and architecture enthusiasts will find the mahal a portal to travel through and experience the echoes of a durbar long buried in the sands of time.