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Trekking, Manali


Trekking is one of the most adventurous activities in Manali. Most of the trekking trails of the place pass through beautiful apple orchards, pastures, virgin lakes and small hamlets. Some of the well-known trails include the Manali-Hampta Pass, the Pin Parvati Pass, the Sar Pass and the Chanderkhani Pass.

The Beas Kund, the Barlachala, the Deo Tibba Base Camp and the Bal Tal Lake are other popular trails. The famous treks from Manali include a 7-day trek into the valley of Malana and an 11-day trek to Chandratal.

Trekkers who are excited by heights can go for high-altitude treks that begin at Manali and pass through Shea Gharu, Topko Gongmo, Balu Gyra, Chandra Taal Lake and Chhota Dara. The trail also passes through places like the Bataal Lake, Marsu, Baralachala and Topko Yongma. This trekking route takes trekkers to an altitude of 4800 m above sea level.

From the month of June till October is considered ideal for trekking in Manali.