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Manali Weather

Owing to the high altitude, the weather in Manali remains good for the most part of the year. The weather in summer is pleasant, while winters are extremely cold, accompanied by heavy snowfall. It is suggested that tourists avoid visiting Manali during the rainy season as heavy rainfall usually results in landslides and road damage.


(March to June): The summer season in Manali starts from March and continues till the month of June. The maximum temperature recorded in Manali during summers is 10� C, while the minimum temperature is registered at 25� C. The weather remains pleasant in the morning, but the temperature starts to decrease as the day comes to an end.


(July to September): The monsoon season commences from July and ends in September. Tourists planning a trip to Manali are suggested not to visit the destination during monsoon. This season should be avoided because of land slides.


(October to February): The month of October marks the onset of the winter season that continues till February. The minimum temperature of Manali during winter has been recorded at -7� C.