Shamaguri Satra, Majuli

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Shamaguri Satra is one of the attractions of Majuli and an important Vaishnavism centre of Assam. The Satra has interesting mask crafts and artworks that have been attracting tourists for decades.

Shamaguri Satra is also regarded as an important centre of art, cultural and classical studies. Just as all the Satras in Assam are institutions not only of religious importance but also as cultural centres the Shamaguri Satra is the place where craftsmanship is highly regarded and also taught. Today the Satra is a leading institution where old craftsmanship such as mask making is being taught.

The easiest way to reach the Shamaguri Satra is to travel to Jorhat and take the ferry from Nimati Ghat to Majuli. The other option is to travel to Luit-Khabolughat in Lakhimpur and then reach Majuli. The best time to visit Shamaguri is during the winters when the temperatures are favourable, and the Brahmaputra recedes from the island.

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