Dakhinpat Satra, Majuli

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Dakhinpat Satra is one of the famous socio-religious institutions in Majuli which is an island in Assam. It was formed by a disciple of Vamshigopal. It is an important center of art and culture exhibiting various forms of sculptures,paintings, dances and it was patronised by the kings of Ahom dynasty. It is also called the house of dance, as a variety of dance forms have been contributed by Shri Sankardeva. It was established in the year 1584. The gateway of the Satra is ornamental and many religious motifs and images of flowers and animals are engraved on it.

The National Festival of Assam, known as Rasleela by the Satras is celebrated every year here. Thousands of devotees pay visit here during the festival. Banmalidev,the founder of this Satra was a supporter of Rasleela.The monks who live in Satras are known as bhakats and presently there are ninety to hundred bhakats.

The institution is under the surveillance of the Satradhikar. The remains and manuscripts of saint Srimanta Sankardeva have been preserved by the Satradhikars. These Satras follow the Mahapuruxia Dharma.The idol of Mahaprabhu Jadavarai is worshipped in the Satra.



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