Chetia Gaon, Majuli

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Located 110 kilometres from Majuli is Chetia Gaon one of the well known tourist sites situated in North Lakhimpur. Tourists visiting Majuli often make a trip to Chetia Gaon to enjoy the beauty of the Subansiri River one of the biggest rivers in Assam after the mighty Brahmaputra. It is a nature lover’s paradise with the flora and fauna that which can be seen along the river. Subansiri River is known for its fast currents, and one of the largest hydropower projects in the country is coming up in its downstream.

Chetia Gaon offers ample scope of adventure for tourists such as trekking in the nearby forests and along the banks of the river. This place is surrounded by Gogamukh Bordoloni, Dhapaliagaon and Dhakuakhana which are also popular with tourists. Don’t forget to try out the local cuisine which is one of the highlights of the place.

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