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  • 01Lohagarh Fort

    Lohagarh Fort

    Lohagarh literally translates to ‘Iron Fort’ and is a monumental hill fort situated on the Sahayadri ranges in Lonavala. It divides the Pavna basin and Indrayani basin. Located at an altitude of more than 1050 m, this fort was extensively used by Chhatrapati Shivaji and is historically significant as a home to several dynasties of the Vidarbha and Maratha kingdoms.

    If you have a keen interest in architecture, archaeology and history, ensure not to miss this place. The four gigantic gates that guarded the fort are still sturdy and found in good condition.

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  • 02Bushy Dam

    Bushy Dam

    Bushy Dam is a large and renowned picnic spot in Lonavala. The Dam is located against the backdrop of picturesque terrains and a lush green flora.

    A highly coveted spot in Lonavala, the Dam makes for a perfect picnic spot with soothing environs that calm your senses. This site is best enjoyed during the monsoons with water gushing out through the dam giving rise to exhilarating waterfalls.

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  • 03Tungarli Dam and Lake

    Tungarli Dam and Lake

    The Tungarli Lake is located against a mesmerizing backdrop, with a well-maintained lakeside that adds to the place’s beauty. Tungarli Dam, that is built across this lake, is a famous weekend spot here.

    Tungarli village, in the hills in Sahyadri ranges, offers picturesque panoramic view of the down city Rajmachi and also other places such as Lonavala and Lohagad.

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  • 04Rajamachi Wildlife Sanctuary

    Rajamachi Wildlife Sanctuary

    Rajamachi Wildlife Sanctuary is surrounded by dense green forests on all sides. It is located in the picturesque locale of Lonavala. The sanctuary is nestled on the hilly terrains of the Western Ghat in the Sahyadri Ranges and displays its wildlife in a pristine fashion.

    Nature-loving tourists immediately fall in love with this place where the wild animals move freely in their natural habitat. The Mammoth Indian Squirrel is a major attraction here. The landscape too has a bountiful of rare species of herbs and plants. In short, a perfect location for nature walks, trekking and bird watching.

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  • 05Valvan Lake

    Valvan Lake

    The Valvan Lake is made across the Kundali River in Lonavala. It is an artificial lake that harbours a dam that goes by the same name. The lake is flanked by a pretty garden on one side. The Lake, combined with the dam and landscaped garden provides for a popular relaxation spot.

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  • 06Bhairavnath Temple

    Bhairavnath Temple

    Bhairavnath Devasthan is situated at a place called Dhak in Rajmachi, near Lonavala. The primary deity of this grand old temple is Shiva in the form of Bhairav. The temple architecture is similar to Shiva temples elsewhere in the Konkan region.

    The temple is located in the backdrop of naturally thrilling forest regions. The soft breeze and cool ambience provide the premises of the temple a sacred atmosphere. The temple can be approached by a slippery path.

    Many small shrines for other Hindu gods and goddesses are also placed around the main sanctum sanctorum. Maha Shivaratri is the famous festival here on which day hundreds of devotees visit this temple with many offerings.

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  • 07Duke's Nose

    The Duke’s Nose - amusingly named after Duke Wellington’s nose – is a cliff situated at Khandala. The pointed cliff resembles a snake's head – and hence is locally called Nagphani (Nag – snake ; phani – hood).

    A tough trek up the mountains to reach this cliff, your efforts will be paid off with a stunning view from atop the cliff. The view of the downhill plains from this point is simply mind boggling.

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  • 08Tung Fort

    Tung Fort

    Tung Fort was built in a manner that made it extremely difficult for the approaching enemy to access the place. Famous by the name Kanthigad, this fort has been the seat for many Maratha kings. It is perched at an astounding height of 3500 ft and and its hilly terrain has steep ascents, making the journey to the top fairly challenging.

    One of the most adventurous trekking destinations, the successful trekker is rewarded with a majestic view of Laghghar and Visapur forts from atop. The fort is situated in Lonavala.

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  • 09Koli Temple

    Koli Temple

    A temple for the Koli community in Lonavala, the Koli Temple belongs to the tribal Goddess Aai Ekvira. It is situated right outside the main chaitya of the Karla caves in Lonavala.

    The Koli tribe throng the temple during the auspicious occasions like Navarathri and Chaitra, and celebrate their festivals with Koli dance and folk music. One can see hordes of Koli devotees walk through the hilly terrains to reach this temple.

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  • 10Shreevardhan Fort

    Shreevardhan Fort

    With a history of Maratha rulers, the Shreevardhan fort is an ancient fort situated in the east region of Rajamachi town. Architecture enthusiasts will immediately reckon with the Maratha style architecture.

    The fort is built at the pinnacle of one of the peaks in Rajamchi, so that one can view the movements of the downhill region. With wide greenish landscape and undulating hilly terrains, the view from this fort is, needless to say, resplendent.

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  • 11Maranjan Fort

    Maranjan Fort

    The Maranjan Fort is a popular monument based in Lonavala. Presently the fort is in ruins, but back in the days when the Maranjan Fort was constructed, it was said to be so strong that no enemy could destroy it easily.

    The fort was built to have a watch on the plateau down the Manranjan hills. The government and local authorities are taking necessary steps to preserve this heritage. The fort offers an excellent panoramic view of the plateau down.

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  • 12Morvi Dongar

    Morvi Dongar

    Morvi Dongar is a fascinating hillock between Tung Fort and Devgad. This delightful place for bird watchers is located in Lonavala. It is a natural habitat of several kinds of flora and bird fauna. The path from Morvi to Tung fort makes for a good trekking route.

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  • 13Fishing


    That Lonavala is the nerve centre of fishing activities in Maharashtra, is a lesser known fact. The number of lakes and dam sites found in this region and around it makes Lonavala a primary hub for all kinds of fishing activities.

    The Hill station is the hamlet of the fishing community, popularly known as Koli. On your visit there, try taking up the rare and exciting opportunity of living among the local ‘Koli’ folk for a few days and you come to respect and enjoy their culture and lifestyle. You might even get lucky, if one of the fishermen agreed to take you out fishing!

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  • 14Trekking - Rajamachi

    Trekking - Rajamachi

    If trekking is an activity you enjoy, head toward Rajamachi – a renowned trekking site in Maharashtra. Whether you are a novice at trekking or an expert, the rocky terrains of Western Ghats and Sahayadri Ranges offer all sorts of trekking experiences ranging from mild to hard.

    Amateur trekkers may find the trekking trails from Rajamachi to Khandala Plateau, Tungarli Lake and Lonavala quite challenging. Trekkers can also take upon the route from Rajamachi to Konadana caves or the beautiful Ulhas river shore.

    The trekking, combined with the exotic natural attractions, will prove to remain etched in your memory forever. Climbing the hilly terrains to reach the famous medieval forts is a real experience for lifelong memory.

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  • 15Scorpion's Sting

    Scorpion's Sting

    The Scorpion’s Sting is a popular tourist site in Lonavala. Extending towards the west of Lonavala, the Vinvhu Kata or Scorpion’s Sting is a narrow, long piece of land that branches out into the Lohagarh fort’s vicinity.

    The site has got its name due to its resemblance to a scorpion’s sting. Nature lovers and trekkers are fascinated by this trail. Due to its proximity to Visapur Fort, one can trek down to this place and take in the enamouring view that this peak has to offer.

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