Ganesha Temple, Kurudumale

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Ganesha Temple at Kurudumale, Karnataka, is considered to be sacred and extremely powerful by the devotees. The construction style and symbols carved on the walls of the temple bear proof that the temple was built during the reign of the Vijayanagar Kings. According to a legend, the idol of the Hindu deity, Ganesha, the god of success, was installed by the Trimurthi. The Trimurthi consists of three major Hindu gods, Brahma, the god of creation; Vishnu, the god of preservation; and Maheshwara, the god of destruction. It is also believed that the three performed a pooja for Ganesha here. There is, however, no concrete evidence as to who installed the idol there.

The idol of Ganesha enshrined in the temple is enormous, standing at a height of 14 ft. It stood in the open for years in a field, until a temple was built around it during the reign of Krishnadevaraya. The temple attracts millions of visitors from all over the country every year.

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