Pathiramannal, Kumarakom

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Pathiramannal, also known by the names Ananda Padmanabhan Thoppu and Pathira Thoppu, is a small scenic island in proximity to Kumarakom. This picturesque place is starched over 10 acres of land and is nestled on the Vembanad Lake. Located on the border of Kottayam and Alleppey districts, this island can be reached from Kumarakom by means of ferry.

The journey to this spot is a truly mesmerizing one through the backwaters of Kumarakom. The island is a seasonal home to a wide variety of birds and about 50 different species of migratory birds and 91 species of local birds are recorded to have sighted here.

This emerald island with enchant visitors with its white sands, pristine beauty and tranquil ambience. This tiny uninhabited spot is an ideal location to unwind and enjoy the wonders of nature. Those who have an eye for photography will take an instant liking towards this beautiful piece of land surrounded by waters.


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