Thiruverpu Temple, Kottayam

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The Thiruverpu Temple is another important temple of Kerala which is dedicated to Lord Krishna. This temple stands on the banks of Meenachil River at a distance of around 7 km from Kottayam. This temple is believed to be some 1500 years old. There are several legends associated with this temple. However, all these legends refer to the recovery of the deity of Lord Krishna of the temple. The deity of Thiruverpu Temple has four hands, and the idol was considered to be kept in an Uruli.

The temple is unique in many ways. First is the method of preparation of the Payasam in the wee hours of the day. Second, the head priest of the temple is given an axe as well as the key to open the temple door. If for any reason the door cannot be opened by the key, the priest can break in using the axe. Third, the temple remains open during an eclipse. The Thiruverpu Temple also has a shrine of Bhoothanatha. Moreover, there are temples for Ganapathy, Subramanya, Shiva, Bhagawathy and Yakshi outside the temple venue.


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